Student Venues: Late Night Food / Takeaway

Our pick of the places from which to grab something on the go, or while away the day's final hours

Article by Nadia Younes and Peter Simpson | 11 Sep 2018

Baked Pizza Al Taglio
120 Duke St, Glasgow
Non-circular pizza? Wild scenes, we hear you cry, but it's true. Al taglio is a traditional by-the-slice style with enormous rectangular pizzas sold in handy slabs; the form factor makes this ideal for 'one for now, one for later' snacking.

Blue Lagoon
69 Gordon S, Glasgow
The infamous chippy in central Glasgow that is open late into the night; its bright lights shining like a beacon of hope for drunken revellers in search of their post-club munchies.

Chunky Chicken
532 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
Fried chicken, middle of town, open til late in the day – not much more to say, really. Grab some napkins and enjoy yourselves.

Civerinos Slice
49 Forrest Rd, Edinburgh
The location’s great, the vibe is great, and the sourdough pizza at Civerinos is great. Slice will hook you up with a quick, delicious and comically-oversized slice of great pizza at the drop of a hat.

Clark's Bakery
Unit 3 Annfield Row, Dundee
Rescuing hungry people in Dundee since 1950, Clark’s Bakery stays open all day and all night too. Heard of the helicopter burger yet? Won’t be long til you do, so enjoy your coronal health while you still can.

Kebab Mahal
7 Nicolson Sq, Edinburgh
This restaurant has been going since 1979, with its longevity based on extremely good prices and a laid-back approach to dining. A great place for a sit-down or takeaway meal at basically any time of day or night.

Maggie Mays
60 Trongate, Glasgow
A rock'n'roll themed bar, a restaurant serving anything from three-course dinners to deep fried mars bars, a gig venue, and a nightclub – it has it all.

NY Slice
309a Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
Slices, calzones and massive sandwiches are in store at this spot in the centre of the action on Sauchiehall Street. A slice of 'za at 3.25am? Don't mind if we do... 

OX 184
184-186 Cowgate, Edinburgh
A mile-long bar stocked with a legion of beers, ciders and spirits. The nightly DJing and live music. The dealbreaker? OX 184 has its own wood-fired grill and serves a handsome BBQ menu until 2.30am. Sold – to the hungry fresher at the back.

22 Nicolson St, Edinburgh
Superfoods and quinoa come and go, but falafel wraps and shwarma are here to stay. Flash your student card and a bounty of reasonably priced, delicious Middle Eastern food (or, alternatively, pizza) will fall into your hands. 

Steak and Cherry
516 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
If you like to party but feel a night isn't complete until you've had a full steak dinner, we have just the place for you. Open til 4am at the weekends, Steak and Cherry is the final stop on a Sauchiehall Street itinerary. 

Taco Bell
245 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
Taco Bell essentially make an art form out of finding ways to combine spice and cheese. Whatever you order, it’s pretty much guaranteed to come dripping in lactose and full of firepower.

Taco Mazama
6 Renfield St, Glasgow
These guys are all about the burrito. Filling-wise, the usual suspects are on offer, with pulled pork a particular favourite among the Mazamarnivores. If you fancy your Mexican fare in a different configuration, fill your boots.