Student Venues: Clubs

Our favourite nightclubs, from noisy sweat-boxes to slightly bigger (but just as loud) dancehalls

Article by Nadia Younes and Peter Simpson | 11 Sep 2018

The Bongo Club
66 Cowgate, Edinburgh
This one’s so popular that basically, the entire student population rallied on its behalf when it faced closure a few years ago. Probably something to do with its gloriously diverse selection of clubs and its wicked resident DJs, plus it has an actual smoking area rather than the standard 'one chair to huddle round'.

The Buff Club
142 Bath Ln, Glasgow
Head to The Buff Club if you want to throw some absolutely formidable shapes. Classic hip-hop, funk, R'n'B and soul all come a-pumping from the speakers, along with some more niche treats from guest DJs. Go with it, it’s all good.

Cabaret Voltaire
36 Blair St, Edinburgh
Nestled beneath the anxiously touristic Royal Mile lies a staple of alternative music culture. Drinks are a bit pricier but for your dollar, you’ll get a classy dram, with regular nights from the likes of Hector's House (Tuesdays) and FLY (Fridays) bringing the noise in the subterranean main room.

The Hive
15-17 Niddry St, Edinburgh
Appalling in all the right ways, the Hive is one of the best dive clubs in town. The music is mainstream, the drinks really, truly flow, and you’ll see more disco winches than you can shake a Jägerbomb at.

La Belle Angele
11 Hastie's Close, Edinburgh
La Belle Angele was one of the city's most popular music venues before it was destroyed in the blazing Cowgate fire of 2002. However, the venue has certainly made its triumphant return and now hosts touring live music and big-time DJs courtesy of promoters like Jackhammer and Storytime.

La Cheetah Club
73 Queen St, Glasgow
Not only the club with the sassiest moniker in Glasgae, La Cheetah’s also known for its diverse range of banging clubs, hand-picked from the vast brambles of the musical spectrum.

The Mash House
37 Guthrie St, Edinburgh
Situated in the bustling Cowgate, the Mash House is a three-level club and gig venue, and an answer to the prayers of those begging for a new place to party almost every night of the week.

Reading Rooms
57 Blackscroft, Dundee
Festooned with camouflage roofing and full of people out of their joyous minds, the Reading Rooms is a bit different. It’s loud, intimate and soundtracked by everything from Afrobeat to hip-hop.

Sneaky Pete's
73 Cowgate, Edinburgh
Sneaky’s reputation as a tiny wee club now precedes it entirely – but don’t let that put you off. When you’re cranking out 150 decibels of sweet, melodious funk, disco or techno into the ears of sweaty happy people (or putting a wildly entertaining gig full of atmosphere) then size actually means nothing at all.

Sub Club
22 Jamaica St, Glasgow
Subbie pushes the musical envelope week in, week out, canonising its resident DJs and providing a space for local up-and-comers and big-name guests alike – a natural haunt for the very finest talents.

Wee Red Bar
Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh
The ECA bar churns out great gig after great gig. It also hosts the brilliant Hey QT, an LGBTQI night with a safe space policy ‘because boogie-ing is for non-jerks only.’