Student Handbook: Travelling as a student

If you've actually managed to save up enough money for a holiday, congratulations on your stellar budgeting skills – here are some places you can go where you won't have to blow all that sweet, sweet cash

Feature by Nadia Younes | 11 Sep 2018

Traumatised by your post-high school trip to Malia and desperately trying to avoid similar PTSD this summer? Student holidays don’t have to be all about suspect alcoholic buckets on dodgy boat parties with DJ Badboy, and a calmer getaway might be just what you need to ease you into adult life – where the alcohol comes in a glass rather than a bucket, you’re sat on a rooftop bar rather than a wobbly boat, and everyone calls it a ‘city break’.

If Lisbon isn’t already on your travel bucket list, get it on there right now. It’s easy to get to, it has lots of culture, the food is delicious, the nightlife is great, there are lovely beaches nearby and, most importantly, it’s really cheap. While you’re there, invest in a Viva Viagem travel card and use it to travel to the beaches of Estoril or Cascais and visit the MAAT museum in Belém, where students get 50% off entry. Don’t forget to grab a pastel de nata, or 25 – they are VERY addictive – at the Pastéis de Belém bakery too.

Gimme gimme gimme SOME DECENT STUDENT DISCOUNTS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Why of course, we shall oblige, answered Stockholm, as fans of ABBA and Swedish meatballs rejoiced. We can’t promise any meatball discounts actually (if you find any, let us know), but we can inform you that students get 30% off entry to Stockholm’s ABBA Museum all year round, so money money money doesn’t have to be that much of a problem after all.

Everyone goes to Berlin for the museums right? If you fancy a break from all the techno and currywurst (not at the same time, we hope – sounds messy), students can get a 3-day Museum Pass for the reduced price of €14.50 (a standard ticket is €29) and it includes entry to 35 museums. Tip: five of them are conveniently located very close to each other on Museum Island in the Mitte district if you can’t be bothered trekking all over the city, and make sure you visit The Libeskind Building at the Jewish Museum.

Not just the land of cheap, tasty beer and so many different types of trdelník you won’t know what’s hit you, Prague is another student-friendly European city and a great place to visit if you’re on a budget. Plan a visit to the opera if you fancy a PNO (posh night out) at The National Theatre, who offer 50% off tickets to students. Remember, if you’re paying more than the equivalent of £1 for a beer in any bar, you’re paying too much.