Liverpool, from (almost) A-Z

Newcomers to Liverpool's music scene, consider yourselves introduced

Feature by Jon Davies | 06 Sep 2013

A is for AFTERNAUT, whose background is rooted in video game sound design and whose music is a positively gripping experience of HD-ready electronica

B is for dub-house producer BANTAM LIONS, who's one to watch having received many plaudits for the warm synth jams of his One to One EP

C is for Liverpool's hidden pop gem CHIZ TURNROSS, one of the most captivating live performers on the scene

D is for DOGSHOW, one of the Kazimier's in-house acts who've been at the centre of the Wolstenholme Square's creativity, mixing live percussion and synthesis and an unrivalled lighting set-up. The trio are the closest to a mobile disco as you can get

E is for hip-hop kingpin EVIAN CHRIST. Still yet to play the city, instead Evian's profile has received a massive injection with his contribution to Kanye West's Yeezus

F is for FOREST SWORDS, arguably Liverpool's best known act right now. His creative output is fairly sparse but each composition is a masterpiece of meditative and cinematic dub and R‘n’B. Obviously listen to his new album Engravings

G is for GIGANTES, the weirder older brother of their other more rocky project Mind Mountain. Taking influence from kraut and prog, it's a heady experience of baroque composition situated in John Carpenter-esque production

H is for HARLEQUIN DYNAMITE MARCHING BAND. Popping up left, right and centre, the Harlequins have been the soundtrack of the city's summer, spinning New Orleans jazz with a more European vibe

I is for ISOCORE. As well as co-managing mostly free releases label Upitup Records, where you can hear some of Europe's most out-there dance music, Isocore has been cultivating his own brand of acid-infused techno for many years. I is also for tape loop experimentalist IN ATOMS, whose very rare performances are a doomy, ambient delight

J is for JOHN HECKLE, who delivers amazing live analogue sets and whose album The Second Son has been an inspiration for many dance producers in Liverpool

L is for LUNAR MODULAR. Eschewing laptops for vintage synthesisers and live mixing, the techno trio's record is slated for release in the next couple of months, having sharpened their sound over a series of ecstatic live performances

M is for psych rockers MUGSTAR, who over the past decade have perfected their ability to hypnotise listeners through monolithic riffage, wild atmospherics and complex rhythmical structures

N is for bedroom experimentalist NADINE CARINA. Located between Liverpool and Switzerland, Carina's music ranges from twee folk to ambient and rather unsettling pop akin to Julia Holter

O is for OUTFIT, whose debut album Performance has wowed critics across the world for its darkened charm and pop reinventions; it's also for instrumental power duo OTHER EARTH, whose blend of power rock and new jack swing rhythms is one of a kind

P is for PHILIP JECK. Best known for his hauntological vinyl loop performances Jeck is also one of Liverpool's most famous installation artists, having his works showcased around Europe and beyond

R is for RIVER CAVES, who take their influences from 90s punk and post-hardcore; it's also for jazz noise ensemble THE ROYAL WEDDING, who’ve developed a reputation for caustic free improvisation and soundscaping in live shows

S is for psych-pop trio STEALING SHEEP, who need no introduction; it's also for horror punkers SALEM RAGES

T is for TOMASU, one of Liverpool's most promising upcoming producers. His online presence is sparse, but his darkwave techno sets have blown audiences away at DIY venue Drop the Dumbbells

U is for UNION JACQUES aka Jacques Malchance, the other brain behind Upitup Records, whose EP Dub Pets showcased his smart, freeform dance cuts. Live, Jacques performs his organ works, a beautiful Italo homage to his Electone HS-6

W is for screamo outfit WE CAME OUT LIKE TIGERS, who have the music – abrasive catharsis balanced with delicate folk interludes – to back up their DIY ethics 

X is for EX-EASTER ISLAND HEAD. Led by composer Benjamin Duvall, their development has been a fascinating journey into minimalism, touring through gamelan and minimal techno influences. Their current live set-up sees them freed from austere textures, with the groove to the fore

Z is for ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONES. Taking influence from horror punk, cabaret and new wave, Zombina's brand of quirky rock music has created a dedicated following