Women's Safety in Edinburgh

We're working with Edinburgh's Women's Safety in Public Places Community Improvement Partnership to raise awareness of their consultations on women's safety in public places.

Advertorial by The Skinny | 31 Aug 2022
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Equally Safe Edinburgh Committee
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They're asking you to fill in an online survey to answer the questions: what makes you feel safe or unsafe when out and about?

All around the world, there’s an urgent need to have conversations about women’s safety in public – and to act. While challenging and changing how some people behave is needed, part of the answer lies also in the design of our streets, the places we go and how our city develops.

Following on from the many and recent high-profile cases of violence against women, Edinburgh's Women’s Safety in Public Places Community Improvement Partnership wants everyone’s views on what makes you feel safe or unsafe when out and about in public spaces.

The partnership includes the City of Edinburgh Council, Police Scotland and other organisations that can influence how our city is developed and how we can make it safer for everyone.

As the residents of our city well into the future, we really want to hear from younger people and students – where do you feel safe or unsafe, and why? What do you think makes some areas and places feel safe or unsafe? What do you do to help make you feel safer?

While we’re focusing mainly on the safety of women and girls, we want to hear from anyone who lives in or visits the Edinburgh area. We recognise that making spaces safer for women, makes them safer for everyone.

Your responses will help us to develop and improve public spaces in future, across the whole of the Edinburgh area. This includes how streets and pathways are designed as well as the layout of parks and shopping areas and much more.

Give us your views online by 20 September. Head to edinburgh.gov.uk/safety to have your voice heard.