Travelling with Student Societies

Your student union features hundreds of societies and they can help you see the world, sometimes from the air or on horseback

Article by Peter Simpson | 14 Sep 2018

Dundee University Cycling Society
We’ll start things off at the lower end of the travel spectrum, with DUCS’ regular Sunday bike rides out of the city to spots like Tentsmuir Forest and St Andrews. See some lovely Fife countryside, stop off for a coffee, come out the other side with thighs burning – a good day out all round.

Edinburgh University Exmoor Pony Trekking Section
EUEPTS came here to do two things: chew gum and frolic in the Pentland Hills around Edinburgh on ponyback, and they’re all out of gum. The Section offers regular treks throughout the year, with membership open to students and non-students alike and beginner treks starting from £20 for two hours of riding. Get some fresh air while trying not to fall off and break every bone in your body.

Project Mongolia
A student-run charity based at Edinburgh Uni, PM works with a Mongolian NGO to run summer camps and First Aid training courses in various locations in and around Ulaanbaatar. Whether you just want to be the member of an active society with a noble aim, or fancy heading eastwards on one of their camps, Project Mongolia is ideal for those of you eyeing up some time in the charity sector.

Want to learn a new language to help with all that travel business? Language4Water is a student-run volunteer project which teaches classes in a host of European languages, designed “for students to obtain a conversational level of the given language in the shortest time possible”. Sounds good to us, and the best part is that all the course fees go towards WaterAid projects around the world.

Edinburgh University Gliding Club
Woo! Flying! Open to Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art students, the Club offers the chance to take to the skies in engineless gliders from their base at Portmoak around an hour from Edinburgh. Thankfully, EUGC will give you thorough instruction and safety advice, as well as helping train you up to be a fully-fledged aviator, like Leonardo DiCaprio in that film The Great Gatsby.

Travel very quickly in circles with DRIVE, the University of Dundee society dedicated to motorsport. Ostensibly a society devoted to building their own race car, we'll let DRIVE take it away: "We spend most of our time messing around in our workshop but occasionally we actually do some building work." Thumbs up.