Student Memories: Tim Barrow

<strong>Tim Barrow</strong> fondly reminisces on his inspiring days as a drama student in London.

Feature by Tim Barrow | 12 Oct 2009
  • Tim Barrow

My student life began at Edinburgh’s Telford College doing a 1 year NC course in acting and following it up with an HNC, because I loved it. Being inspired by Trainspotting, it was cool going to Muirhouse every day to study.

As soon as I got to Drama Centre in London my world changed forever. It hurled into this insanely intensive training – working 10 til 9 every day and weekends if we were really good – I realised pretty quickly that training for a lifetime in the arts required commitment, discipline, and a ridiculous sense of humour. I’m still working on it.

It was, for the briefest of moments, as it can only be, the very best of times. I made the closest of friends, discovered extravagant new ways of drinking, worked my soul to the bone, loved deeply, lost and gained more than I’ll ever know. The safety net of college meant I could make horrendous mistakes, take outrageous risks, fall flat on my face, and even, very occasionally, succeed miraculously when I never imagined I possibly could.

I remember performing plays with some of the most brilliant actors I’ll ever know, riding drunk around Soho on the back of a dustcart reciting poetry; captaining the school team at football against other drama schools and smashing them off the park; surviving on pasta and Guinness. Frequently crying my eyes out and laughing ‘til my guts ached. Being a student is a privilege and a challenge. Everyone should try it.

Tim Barrow stars in and produced The Inheritance