Edinburgh Under Surveillance: September

Welcome to the jungle all ye frizzy haired rosey cheeked freshers...

Feature by Dave | 13 Sep 2006

So, no more pissing on jackets at late night comedy shows, no more mopping duties for Jimmy Carr, we can once again walk down the Royal Mile without fear of coming out the other side with a tree's weight in paper in our back pockets… the festival's over baby, we've got our city back. Or have we? Oh no! It's the attack of the frizzy haired freshers!

Well, to keep you new kids entertained, there's a myriad of entertainment awaiting your freshly cashed loan cheques…

Buzzing through town for the capital's regular punk odyssey of an evening, Fast, are goth punkers The Violets. See them at The Bongo club on the 8th and enjoy free entry to Ride This Train's Johnny Cash extravaganza for the price of Fast's entry fee. Keeping it moody, of a similar ilk are Neil's Children, appearing with Mudhoney loving sludge rock posse Headless at this month's White Heat at Cabaret Voltaire on the 21st.

Continuing the eclectic torrent of shows presently keeping dust off the floor at Henry's Cellar Bar, Dick Dangerous & The Lovebastards put up some bluesy surf sounds - think Rocket From The Crypt meets The Blues Brothers. Later in the month, Saint Judes Infirmary and Glasgow's The Martial Arts also grace the stage at Henry's with their respective blends of Fife-born pop and kick-ass grooves on the 28th. Kudos go to The Martial Arts, delivering infectious melodies on their superb debut LP 'Your Sinclair' (out this month), keep your eyes on www.skinnymag.co.uk for our review and some insight into what Edinburgh gigging life is all about. Welcome to the jungle.