Edinburgh Under Surveillance: May 2006

an onslaught of live mayhem

Feature by Dave Kerr | 16 May 2006

Well, The Skinny very nearly mourned the tragic loss of two parties recently, until we found out that Mr T was in fact alive, well and pitying all of the relevant fools as usual.

Yet it still sadly looks like we'll soon have to wave goodbye to O.B.E. They are worded to be hanging it up after their T Break show at The Liquid Room this month. After breaching our unwritten rule of banging on about the same band every five minues like some sort of ass-sucking PR machine, we'll do it one last time and say that these boys showed us all how it's done with no bullshit, and for that they should be saluted. More info on the rest of the T Break line up (which includes Amplifico, Lords of Bastard and The Acute among many more) can be found at http://www.tbreak.co.uk. Stay tuned to these pages for much more on how the showcases progress.

T Breaks aside, if you're on for some My Bloody Valentine / Sonic Youth styled shenanigans, then My Electric Love Affair just might be your bag, they appear at the Wee Red Bar on the 5th. Do yourself a solid and see them soon. Keep an eye open for an upcoming single too. There's a taste of what they're about over at: http://www.myspace.com/myelectricloveaffair.

As the leftfield magic of Triptych becomes a distant memory until next year, Babytiger takes control of the baton as they continue their season of gigs featuring too many mentionables to speak of (oh ok then, try Mercury Tilt Switch, Uncle John and Whitelock, Copy Haho, Luxury Car, Isa and The Filthy Tongues, Saint Jude's Infirmary, Ballboy, Fuck Off Machete, De Rosa, just to give you a flavour…) playing at various venues across the city. If ever there was a time to get yourself knee deep in the sheer range of raw and intimidating musical talent on offer in Scotland, this is it. See our feature in Sounds and listings for details.

Festival 24 gets down once again at Studio 24, with an onslaught of live mayhem across two floors, it could get messy, take a swimsuit or something. Meanwhile, those energetic homegrown ska proponents Big Hand (see Sounds) make a homecoming not to be missed as they play Mayday!! May day! at the Bongo Club with Bombscare on the 1st and Whistle Binkies on the 19th.

So dinner is served; tuck in one and all, do you want sauce with that?