Fur-Burger 1st Birthday Party

The music is slightly hit-and-miss, but the atmosphere is good

Article by Cate Simpson | 16 May 2006

Fur-Burger's 1st birthday party is fairly busy, yet it's close to 1am before anybody starts to dance. This is probably what happens when you take the gay boys out of Ego, though. Or it may be because the music is slightly hit-and-miss: there are some pop floor-fillers, but also a lot of disappointingly unremarkable hip-hop. The atmosphere is good; the crowd less varied than Velvet's - mostly short-haired, entirely under 30, and everyone seems to know each other. But bringing men seems to be slightly more acceptable here, and there are a few dotted around. There's a slightly school-disco feel to the night, with so many people standing in huddles that the hum of voices is actually audible above the music. Fur-Burger seems to appeal to young, hip lesbians with a taste for drama, and it shouldn't have a problem attracting them into its second year. [Cate Simpson]

Ego, 14 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, 2nd Thursday of each month, 11pm-3am, £3.