Article by Clare Sinclair | 16 Jul 2009

How would you feel getting your kit off at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? It’s certainly not the most usual of requests, but in search of celebrating the female form, Nic Green, in partnership with The Arches, is asking just that … of 150 women. She has put out a request, following on from the success of Part One of Trilogy, for women to join her on stage in a naked dance.

Trilogy is a series of three performances looking at the female body in an “alternative, powerful way”. Green concentrates on this premise and the empowerment of women throughout many of her projects. Part Two of the triptych is almost a re-enactment of the 1971 feminist panel Town Bloody Hall, and the sister project is featured as Part Three - a website full of 'chapters' where Green asks for women across the globe to send in their contributions, all pertaining to life for them as a woman.

Green has said, “Through the work I attempt to understand my position as a young woman in a contemporary society. The joys and dissatisfactions, confusions and difficulties. I try to make happen what I would like to see, and attempt to create what is missing, or lacking.” The volunteer-based collaboration with everyday women of Part One is described as “a big ensemble dance with lots of women which is wild […], I wouldn’t say it’s feral and animalistic but certainly wild”. So ladies, are you going to make your own herstory? (Clare Sinclair)

7.30pm, £12/9. Tickets available from, or on the door.