Love Bites: Goodbye to the city that made me

In this month's column, an Edinburgh gal writes a farewell love letter to the city

Feature by Tomiwa Folorunso | 16 Sep 2020
  • Edinburgh

I was born, raised and have grown up in Edinburgh. Mainly in the north of the city, but it’s built in a way that walking from one side to another, a scattered montage of sepia-toned memories of my childhood, teens and twenties play in my head. This city raised me. 

Through cobbled streets and Saturdays sitting in the car outside the Nigerian food store on Great Junction Street, keeping a lookout for the traffic warden. Afternoons swimming at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, the number 29 bus and tenement flats, at a time when the trams were just talk and before Leith was a millennial paradise. With an “eh” punctuating every sentence, a distinguishing factor that I was – I am – an Edinburgh gal. 

But it’s time for this Edinburgh gal to go, we’re breaking up. At a time when goodbyes and lasts feel like hellos and firsts. And although right now feels strange, I’m so grateful for the moments we have shared in non-unprecedented times. Thank you for always being there, for gifting me with moments of clarity and joy and some truly beautiful sunsets. Thank you for keeping me safe all these years, and for the memories and friends that will forever exist, in my camera roll and my heart. 

Thank you, for my favourite view. Standing where Hanover and George Street meet, looking out towards the north of the city; over the roofs and spires of the New Town and beyond, to the Firth of Forth and Kingdom of Fife. That view feels like a hug from all the people I love. I love you Edinburgh, I love you so much.

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