Take That write a song about Amy Winehouse

Feature by BANG Showbiz | 20 Nov 2008
  • Take That

Take That have written a song about Amy Winehouse.

The ‘Shine’ hitmakers have penned ‘How Did It Come To This’ for their new album ‘Circus’ and hinted it was inspired by the troubled ‘Rehab’ singer.

The track was written by Jason Orange and describes the exploits of a “slightly schizophrenic and OCD girl from Camden Town” – the area of North London where Amy lives - living her life under the spotlight “a world away”.

Lyrics to the track include: “All this noise and all these lights/All this talking through the night. All this expectation now it’s making me neurotic/ Tell me have I seen your face before? How did it come to this?/ How did it ever come to this?
“Have you turned on your TV?/ Have you seen reality?”

Meanwhile, frontman Gary Barlow says he is delighted with their forthcoming single ‘Greatest Day’ – because it has helped them put their concert set lists together. He explained: “We’ve got so many songs to choose from to close live shows, but we always struggled for one to open with. ‘Greatest Day’ is that song.”