Jamie Foxx: The first black Bond?

Feature by BANG Showbiz | 21 Nov 2008
  • Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx wants to be the first black James Bond.

The Oscar-winning actor would jump at the chance to portray the suave British spy.

He said: "Of course I'd take the role. I'd put a little swing in it. A little hip-hop, you know."

Foxx insists he would have no problem perfecting his British accent, and he wouldn't be afraid to suggest some changes for the role.

He said: "Maybe I wouldn't be drinking martinis, but drinking some Hennessey maybe. My Bond would drink dark liquor."

Foxx claims fans are keen to see him fulfil his dream, adding: "I was in London and I had to give an award to the current James Bond Daniel Craig. I went up and said, 'Bond. Black Bond.' And everybody just lost it. Black Bond would be cool."

The idea of having a black Bond was originally suggested by Craig.

He insisted it would be an exciting prospect following Barack Obama's success in the US Presidential election race earlier this month.

A recent survey revealed people would most like to see Will Smith, Djimon Hounsou or Terrence Howard become the first black James Bond.