Beth Ditto loves catsuits

Feature by Cover Fashion | 05 Nov 2009

Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto, who is famed for her full figure, appreciates the effort stars like Lady Gaga put into their flamboyant stage costumes, but would never don them herself. She prefers to wear more comfortable pieces, and enjoys performing in all-in-one outfits as they are easy to move around it.

“I appreciate things that are a little crazy, but simple at the same time,” she told Britain’s Elle magazine. “That’s why I love all-in-ones – when we’ve played shows in the past, I’ve worn a lot of amazing catsuits. They look crazy, but are actually really comfortable. When I see Lady Gaga, I’m like, ‘I don’t know how she plays in that!’ Sequins cut into you when you’re playing and moving around.”

Beth learnt she doesn’t like singing in sequins after wearing a dress made of the shiny, sharp accessories at this year’s Reading music festival in Britain.

She said: “I wore a sequined dress and it cut me! The big ones don’t cut as bad as they little ones, though – they are like mini razor blades. The designer Jeremy Scott bought that dress for me in a thrift store in Los Angeles. I probably have 20 of his dresses, and he recently send me a box of eight new ones.”