Track Premiere: Stillhound – 'Think This Way' (alternative cut)

Rising phoenix-like from the ashes of Discopolis comes Stillhound

Article by News Team | 23 Sep 2015
  • Stillhound

Having now completed work on their full length debut, the Edinburgh-based ambient pop quartet – who feature Honeyblood's Cat Myers in their number – present this dreamy mix of 'Think This Way'. 

Explaining the motivation behind the band's rebirth, mainstay Fergus Cook remarks: "We found ourselves some months ago collectively battling a feeling that, despite an exciting start, we'd never fully realised Discopolis aesthetically or otherwise. Having returned from a lengthy writing trip, we were also sitting on an album of songs that were – maybe only in a small way – at odds with our most recent releases. So, while in no way a unique or inspired move, renaming the project was a simple yet wholly invigorating way to reimagine and regain control of something very dear to us. The name, like a lot of good band names in my opinion, doesn't mean anything, though it rings true with some of the album's more aggressive and unashamed synth pop moments. Admittedly, I've suffered more than one odd look, often followed by a tentative "...dead dug?"

"Having only released the two songs so far, we're itching to put out as much material as possible. Upon receipt of Gareth Jones' mix of the album, I'll happily admit we've all been guilty of a few finger on the trigger "I'm gonna do it man, don't stop me!" episodes. Though hasty and ill-advised, sticking all our work up unannounced is sorely tempting when you have an instant audience via t'internet and a real hankering to remind people that you still exist. With this remix, we really just wanted to give people a wider idea of what to expect from the album and Stillhound as a fully functioning, 'we ain't going nowhere', attention-seeking machine. I can assure you there's life in the dead dug yet."

See Stillhound on tour:

24 September, Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh (with Forever & Eyes of Others)
1 October, The Hug and Pint, Glasgow (with Forever & Eyes of Others)
29 October Aberdeen Lemon Tree (supporting East India Youth)