Your Vegas - Flybuzz

The dubious lyrics, the sweeping guitar, the earnest falsettos - Your Vegas have it all.

Single Review by Ally Brown | 15 Feb 2006
  • Flybuzz
Single title: Flybuzz
Artist: Your Vegas
Label: White Duke
The sun is throbbing on Leeds desert. The wind is blowing sand in the eyes of four twenty-something diggers, sweating and cursing as their hand-shovels slowly find their way. *Hit* – there it is – that's the chest, there's the answer. Cut to HQ, where Your Vegas tentatively place their booty – a 7" record, unlabelled, mint condition – on their old gramophone, and drop the needle. It speaks in a righteous vocal – "Fight fire with fire, rain down on me, rain da-a-a-own. It lifts my love up higher..." That's the b-side, but it's promising, they know what they've found. A quick flip and it's confirmed – the piano refrain intro, the dubious platitudes about God and justice, the sweeping guitar, the earnest falsettos, the intimate break with the epic solo to resume – they've found it, and now they present it to the world. Ladies and Gentlemen behold – The Great Lost Demos of U2. [Ally Brown]
This single is released on Jan 23.
Your Vegas play Glasgow Barfly on Jan 22.