Young Stanley - Sing It For England

Admittedly, we aren't supposed to like this

Single Review by Ally Brown | 15 Jul 2006
  • Sing It For England
Single title: Sing It For England
Artist: Young Stanley
Label: Young Stanley Records
Naw – sing it for Sweden! Legal notice – the views expressed by Sing It For England may not reflect those of The Skinny, or in fact anyone in Scotland, apart from that hoity-toity oh-so-mature-o "but they're our friends and neighbours!" crowd. I wiggle my fingers from my cheeks at you! Even if you did, bizarrely, want to sing something for In-gur-lund, there's over 30 songs to choose from, including Embrace, Crazy Frog, Tony Christie, Neil & Christine Hamilton, and the 5 Bromley builders of Young Stanley. We aren't supposed to like any of them. So why send us this for review? [Ally Brown]
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