The Young Knives- Here Comes The Rumour Mill

Single Review by Barney Smythe | 17 Mar 2006
Single title: Here Comes The Rumour Mill
Artist: The Young Knives
Dressed like grouse beaters with a bass player called the House of Lords, the faded grandeur of The Young Knives' scruffy tweed suits hide the dirty pants of hardened punk rockers. Produced by Gang of Four's Andy Gill, the record sharpens The Kink's witty art-pop on a nasty whetstone of angular dischord. Copping the jaunty cheek of The Libertines but without the cloying, pseudo-romantic doggerel, the music has intellect, poise and urgency. Charming southern vowels, stories told with sentimental wit and high-pitched, soprano histrionics from a bloke dressed like Lord Lucan make for a fantastic single. Winning press plaudits for both style and music, The Young Knives' curious, quintessentially British schtick will charm the pants off you. [Barney Smythe]
Thi single is out now.