The Wire Daisies - Mary Jane

ticks all the middle-of-the-road boxes

Single Review by Fraser Cardow | 15 Jun 2006
  • Mary Jane
Single title: Mary Jane
Artist: The Wire Daisies
Label: Angel
Wire Daisies have just announced their support of Robbie Williams on his South African tour, and this follows on from a fairly successful year of touring - with plenty still to look forward to in their festival laden schedule. This is a decent, catchy song which is tight, well made and enthusiastic. On the evidence of this track, they just love being nice and things and probably pick flowers for each other. Reminiscent of a cheesier Texas or Alanis Morrisette with more naive lyrics, Mary Jane is a happy, poppy tune that could easily be the soundtrack for an American teen-angst TV series, and ticks all the middle-of-the-road boxes. [Frazer Cardow]
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