The Pipettes - Your Kisses are Wasted on Me

Perfect, unflabby pop to die for.<br/>

Single Review by Iain Radcliffe | 16 Apr 2006
Single title: Your Kisses are Wasted on Me
Artist: The Pipettes
Label: Memphis Industries
Another homage to 60s girl-groups from The Pipettes, Your Kisses' defiant skipping-rope chant over drums and handclaps directs 1000 watts of scorn towards the song's lying "boy", until a gorgeous, swooning chorus forces him to fall in love all over again. Like Sisyphus shoving his big ba' up a hill, except more delicious and for two-minutes, not eternity. The Spector-ish production is spot-on: cavernous drums, chiming guitar, glockenspiel and weeping strings; but this element of loving pastiche only serves to enhance what is perfect, unflabby pop to die for. [Iain Radcliffe]
This single is released on March 27.