The Pigeon Detectives - Everybody Wants Me

Single Review by Jason Morton | 28 Jul 2008
  • The Pigeon Detectives
Single title: Everybody Wants Me
Artist: The Pigeon Detectives
Label: Dance to the Radio/Universal
Release date: 28 Jul

In any situation, there’s an automatic fault in bemoaning your own good fortune.

“Everybody wants me.”

OK, what’s the problem?

“I just want you.”

Oh Jesus.

The problem is bringing sympathy to such a dilemma – whether you’re the girl Matt Bowman’s crooning to or just a mate getting the story. The instrumentation on the track doesn’t do much to make up for the lyrics, as it’s pretty much by the numbers radio rock – staccato and jangly guitar riffs intermixed, an unassuming bass line and a hip-swaying beat. Everybody Wants Me basically works as a song that you wouldn’t switch the station for, but you're not likely to remember a mile down the road. [Jason Morton]