The Lost Revue - Street Meat

All of us can learn morals from stories.

Single Review by Ali Maloney | 15 Jul 2006
Single title: Street Meat
Artist: The Lost Revue
Label: Pop Fiction
So what is this, then? Not funny enough to be a novelty song, too kooky to be a regular song; this is The Lost Revue's behind-the-scenes-at-the-slaughterhouse fable, Street Meat. It's snarly indie-punk that makes me spill my pint all over the floorboards. Everyone knows that all the best lyrics tell a story - none of that "let's talk about sex, baby" shit. All of us can learn morals from stories. It'd just better not be preachy veggie propaganda. It's not like hotdogs have any cow in them anyway... [Ali Maloney]
Released as download only on 3rd July.