The Heights - Jamaica Beer Eyes

ingeniously infectious

Single Review by Nick Mitchell | 15 Jul 2006
  • Jamaica Beer Eyes
Single title: Jamaica Beer Eyes
Artist: The Heights
Label: Best Before/Vital
The Heights may well be on the verge of big things. The North Wales band's second single 'Jamaica Beer Eyes' is a dirty, unshackled beast of a tune, possessing the kind of dyed-in-the-wool rawk swagger reminiscent of Led Zep, but updated for a post-punk landscape. While it's neither artful nor complex, 'Jamaica Beer Eyes' is surely an anthem-in-waiting for all of us familiar with sozzled nights on the Red Stripe in the local spit n' sawdust disco. Along with the staccato guitars, the repetition of the song's title is ingeniously infectious. Inebriation has never sounded this good. [Nick Mitchell]

This single is out on June 19