The Far Cries - Stepping/The Edge

Over-cooked and hollow

Single Review by Jess Chilton | 15 Feb 2006
  • The Far Cries - Stepping/The Edge
Single title: Stepping/The Edge
Artist: The Far Cries

Someone needs to ask The Far Cries what exactly they meant to achieve by writing this song. With lyrics and melodies without feeling or motive, the tracks on this single finish by posing the question of whether there was any point in listening to them in the first place. The stiff rhythms and atmosphere of angry melancholy are clearly influenced by (guess who?) Joy Division but what The Far Cries fail to recreate is any sense of immediacy or relevance. Over-cooked and hollow, these guys have talent but aren't likely to go anywhere until they stop taking themselves so bloody seriously. [Jess Chilton]

Released Feb 27.