The Darkness - Is It Just Me?

as exciting as a flacid penis

Single Review by Josh Wilson | 15 Feb 2006
  • Is It Just Me?
Single title: Is It Just Me?
Artist: The Darkness
Label: Atlantic

A good year and a bit after the novelty wore off, The Darkness have returned with their new album; 'One Way ticket to Hell... And Back.' I can't think of enough to say about this single, it numbs the mind. Clearly trying to re-establish their niche in catchy tongue-in-cheek rock, they fail. Everything is weak, the guitar solo is as exciting as a flacid penis, the lyrics dull and repetitive. There may be a catchy riff somewhere but I can't bring myself to care. Is it Just Me or is this shite? [Josh Wilson]

Atlantic Records
This single is out on Feb 20