The Breeders - Bang On

Alien, yet utterly beguiling

Single Review by Chris Buckle | 03 Sep 2008
  • The Breeders - Bang On
Single title: Bang On
Artist: The Breeders
Label: 4AD
Release date: 8 Sep

Bang On seems an odd single to release from the excellent Mountain Battles: partly because it’s a sparse two minutes of muffled drums, skeletal guitar and not a lot to offer radio, and partly because it was all over the internet for free in March as a teaser for the album. But while it’s unlikely to win new fans or replace Cannonball at discotheques, its eccentricities are indicative of a band who’ve never been orthodox songwriters, despite the perennial appeal of the aforementioned indie anthem. Sounding alien yet utterly beguiling, Bang On is a potent reminder of its parent album’s charms. [Chris Buckle]