Skindred - Pressure

Punk-metal reggae fronted by a Welshman anyone?

Single Review by Jess Chilton | 17 Mar 2006
Single title: Pressure
Artist: Skindred
Punk-metal reggae fronted by a Welshman anyone? You may be forgiven for raising your eyebrows rather than your hopes here, but do not despair for all is not quite as bad as it sounds. Skindred's second single from 'Babylon' comprises two versions of the same song, one rock, one accoustic. Unsurprisingly the attempted combo of cheese-metal bursting with ragga is considerably weaker, over-loaded with distortion effects and truly indecipherable lyrics. However, when they slow down to deliver the track minus the skater-punk histrionics, a fairly enjoyable tune emerges. Who'd have thought it? [Jess Chilton]
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