Richard Ashcroft - Music is Power

Retaining an uplifting vibe, but never reaching the powerful effect of orchestration his previous day job had mastered

Single Review by Dave Winter | 16 May 2006
Single title: Music is Power
Artist: Richard Ashcroft
Label: Parlophone
From its onset, Music is Power deceptively sucks you in with funky guitar picks, soon flowing into a steady strum. It isn't long before the symphonic, cacophonic style made famous by Bittersweet Symphony ushers in an uplifting, chirpy progression. However, instead of building into a central focus of the dynamic between classical instruments and modern rock, the symphony lingers in the background, providing a steady, rhythmic accompaniment. Yet Ashcroft fumbles by creating a song that becomes all too repetitive, albeit retaining an uplifting vibe, but never matching the powerful orchestration achieved during his previous day job. [Dave Winter]
This single is out on April 17