Razorlight - In the Morning

Not really worth the effort - at any time of the day

Single Review by Jon Seller | 15 Jul 2006
  • In the Morning
Single title: In the Morning
Artist: Razorlight
Label: Mercury
Razorlight return after their million-selling debut with the Talking Heads-by-numbers that is In The Morning. It all starts quite promisingly with a hint of Arcade Fire in the intro, this is lost however, as soon as Johnny Borrell begins his David Byrne impression - jerky guitars and prominent bass keep the charade up with ease. As a taster for their forthcoming album, it's an underwhelming proposition and even gets a little annoying with its blatant lack of originality. Not really worth the effort, at any time of the day. [Jon Seller]
This single is released on July 7. http://www.razorlight.co.uk