Pumajaw - Featherdown Quilt

Single Review by Euan Ferguson | 21 Oct 2009
  • Pumajaw - Featherdown Quilt
Single title: Featherdown Quilt
Artist: Pumajaw
Label: Bedevil
Release date: 2 Nov

The latest offering from the now Fife-based enigmas is a far cry from the neo-folk scene they have been so uncomfortably shoehorned into by baffled listeners. On this single, available to download with 25 per cent of the cost donated to Love Music Hate Racism, they prove as fantastically uncategorisable as ever. Pinkie McLure’s otherworldly vocals float high and low, like a cross between Antony Hegarty and Nina Simone, over an ’80s industrial backdrop. Any newfound Fence influence is only apparent in the song’s rejection of convention; this is another unique and beautifully unsettling torch song from Pumajaw.