Orson - No Tomorrow


Single Review by Jon Seller | 17 Mar 2006
Single title: No Tomorrow
Artist: Orson
Label: Mercury
California's Orson are apparently the missing link between the Rolling Stones and Scissor Sisters, although a more obvious comparison on the evidence of their debut single would be with the States' current soft-rock bright lights Maroon 5. Frontman Jason Pebworth croons competently over an easy-listening-by-numbers ditty which, although catchy, lacks any real bite or passion. No Tomorrow will undoubtedly lodge itself in the nation's subconscious, sufficient for this band to become massive over the next year. Longevity beyond this may be a little harder to achieve if the calm seas of mediocrity are not left behind for something a little more adventurous. [Jon Seller]
This single is out on Feb 27. http://www.orsonband.com