Nizlopi - Girls

Jack Johnson with an English twist

Single Review by Caroline Hurley | 17 Mar 2006
Single title: Girls
Artist: Nizlopi
Label: FDM
The second single from Nizlopi shouldn't disappoint fans of their hit JCB and yet it's hard to get excited about. Although the band has adopted the term folk-hiphop, I was disappointed to find this is no banjo version of the Beastie Boys classic. Girls has pretty strings looped throughout and Luke Concannon's voice is tinged with enough feeling and personality to avoid what could otherwise be cloying. There is method here but not, it seems, a lot of inspiration and the song never really reaches any climax. Despite what you may have heard about Nizlopi, don't be expecting King Creosote, this is more Jack Johnson with an English twist. [Caroline Hurley]
This single is released on March 27.