Nine Inch Nails - Capital G

Dripping with electro-rock savvy and righteous political rhetoric.

Single Review by Jamie Borthwick | 10 Jun 2007
Single title: Capital G
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Label: Universal
Capital G comes wading through the marshes and away from the staggering back-story constructed for the album Year Zero. Dripping with electro-rock savvy and righteous political rhetoric, this second single plays up Reznor's strength as marketable to a variety of genres. The processed bass drum squelches through the track like a soaked boot marching through the computerised effects of background fuzz, menacing like a cloud of mosquitoes. Whilst never fully letting rip with the overdrive channel, the threat of it is enough to carry the deep sound, allowing the pop-rock bassline to smartly tie it all together. Accessibility with the vestige of experimentation, and unmistakably Nine Inch Nails. [Jamie Borthwick]
Release Date: 11 June.
Nine Inch Nails support Foo Fighters at Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh on 21 Aug.