Muscle Tusk

This shit is pure attitude

Single Review by Ali Maloney | 17 Mar 2006
This unmarked EP, so scratched it barely looks like it'll play on my already dilapidated stereo, could be a frequency test CD for all I know. But if it is, it's the most deliriously psychadelic one I've spinned. Distorted drone cloaks itself around wild percussion that occasionally turns into a gabba beat, while mashed-up samples collide with spastic oscillations, occasionally giving out to stadium rock power chords. I've said it in these pages before, but rock'n'roll has about as much rebellion left in it as bingo, and if you say punk's got any balls then that's just what you're talking. But along with the other loons from Giant Tank, this shit is pure attitude. (Ali Maloney)
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label: Giant Tank