Mohair - Life

But the b-side, the b-side!

Single Review by Chris Nordeng | 16 Apr 2006
Single title: Life
Artist: Mohair
Label: Ear Candy
The main question that springs to mind whilst dissecting Mohair's new single is "why on god's green earth did they choose Life as the a-side?" Sounding like what Coldplay could have been if they'd matured with finesse rather than going mouldy after 'Parachutes', Life is a worthy piece of bombastic guitar-pop that delivers well, but perhaps not quite enough to change the configuration of the universe. B-side Broken Pieces, however, recalls the more intimate side of Soundtrack of our Lives and is one of the most captivating and honest creations these ears have heard from the genre in a very long time. By comparison, Life tastes like a bad decision. [Chris Nordeng]
The single is out on April 10.