Miike Snow - Black and Blue

Single Review by Paul Mitchell | 06 Oct 2009
  • Miike Snow - Black and Blue
Single title: Black and Blue
Artist: Miike Snow
Label: Columbia
Release date: 19 Oct

This Swedish three piece (ok, singer Andrew Wyatt is American) have previous in that two of them (as Bloodshy and Avant) wrote and produced Britney Spear's 2004 megahit Toxic. They've also worked with Madonna, Kylie, J-Lo and so on. These collaborations have tended towards the bombastic so it is somewhat of a surprise that this track, and those that appear alongside it on their eponymously titled debut album, are comparatively serene slices of unfussy electro-pop. Singer Wyatt channels Paddy McAloon's breathy vocal style (sadly without the lyrical wit) to a plaintive keyboard riff energised by lively synth and percussion. Decent, but the inevitable plethora of remixes will likely be more interesting.

Playing Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh on 29 Oct.

Miike Snow is released via Columbia Records on 26 Oct.