Laura Veirs - Secret Someones

Not particularly upsetting...

Single Review by Ally Brown | 17 Mar 2006
Single title: Secret Someones
Artist: Laura Veirs
Label: Nonesuch
Laura Veirs' 'Year of Meteors' was released at the end of last summer to widespread platitudes and niceties. Oh it's lovely! Her backing band are called The Tortured Souls, which seems a little melodramatic and misplaced. Her sound isn't particularly upsetting, though any higher praise than that would be delivered through gritted teeth. Secret Someones is a pleasant enough tale of not very much, all vague imagery and trickling alliteration, great if you listen to music for the wordplay. An insistent drum beat prevents things getting too drab, but comparisons to Sheryl Crow and coffee tables seem apt. Really, it's all very tasteful. [Ally Brown]
This single is out on Feb 20