KT Tunstall - Another Place to Fall

More pop music for grown-ups

Single Review by Caroline Hurley | 16 Apr 2006
Single title: Another Place to Fall
Artist: KT Tunstall
Label: Virgin
As the eleventh single from KT Tunstall's debut album opens, it should have Fiona Apple's people reaching for the phones, purple faced and eager to litigate, but it probably won't. The problem is, in the face of such utter banality, it's hard to become angry, or to even form thoughts. This shouldn't disappoint KT's fans, it retains that charming Tunstall-esque quality of the title occurring 176 times throughout the song as the cleverly formulaic production leads, like a pied piper, all the way to the bank. More pop music for grown-ups, but aren't grown ups supposed to know better? [Caroline Hurley]
This single is out on March 6.