Flying Matchstick Men - All Your Secrets

unashamedly Scottish, unashamedly camp

Single Review by Milo McLaughlin | 17 Mar 2006
  • All Your Secrets
Single title: All Your Secrets
Artist: Flying Matchstick Men
Label: One Records
I Know All Your Secrets is three and a half minutes of cruel, delightful lies about people you hope you never have to meet, whispered in your ears in a Glasgow club by a dancing loon. It's all in the voice, the way front-man Graham Peel sings "We'll sell our vital organs just for you"; unashamedly Scottish, unashamedly camp. Their lyrics are proud, outlandish boasts; the equivalent of exaggerated headlines on the cover of cheap gossip magazines. Most importantly the song has a chorus of pop perfection, bubbling with bouncy basslines and computer game keyboards. [Milo McLaughlin]
This single is out on Feb 27