Death Cab For Cutie - Crooked Teeth


Single Review by Josh Wilson | 17 Mar 2006
Single title: Crooked Teeth
Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Label: Atlantic
Crooked Teeth is taken from Death Cab's latest album, 'Plans'. It's rife with melody, which varies just enough and all the while encompasses a rather nice, catchy bass line. The lyrics, while essentially slightly forlorn (realisation of a lack of love, of course), remain upbeat, and dare I say again, nice. Are you catching the impression that Crooked Teeth is a song to kick off your shoes too? Good. Although it is very nice (definitely more enjoyable than many other offerings in the same vein), it just doesn't have anything remarkable going for it either. Not a bad song by any means, just, well, nice. [Josh Wilson]
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