Cuddly Shark - Woody Woodpecker / Bowl Of Cherries

Elgin-bred punks deliver prime chunks of raw, spluttering rock.

Single Review by Ryan Drever | 16 Jan 2009
  • Cuddly Shark - Woody Woodpecker / Bowl Of Cherries
Single title: Woody Woodpecker / Bowl Of Cherries
Artist: Cuddly Shark
Label: Armellodie Records
Release date: 12 Jan

The shimmering guitar intro to Woody Woodpecker swiftly veers into a Cramps-esque Rock n' Roll swing amidst this rallying cry against drunken stupidity. Elgin-born and Glasgow-based, Cuddly Shark sound bizarrely American, seemingly force-fed on a diet of Sonic Youth and D.C. punk. However, at barely a minute thirty, it's hard to complain too much. Bowl Of Cherries, however, utilizes the band's agression to undeniably better effect, as pounding slabs of chunky distortion and brazen yells riddle these few minutes of raw spluttering rock. By direct comparison to the first cut, the mind boggles as to why this wasn't just a single itself. [Ryan Drever]