Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

Single Review by Paul Neeson | 03 Aug 2010
  • Brandon Flowers – Crossfire
Single title: Crossfire
Artist: Brandon Flowers
Label: Vertigo
Release date: 23 Aug

Having already penned the best part of their fourth album, only to be told that the rest of the band were taking a much needed sabbatical, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers opted to run solo with the material, choosing the Springsteen-soaked Crossfire as his debut release. Given its origin, and the context of its recording – with Day & Age producer Stuart Price – it should come as no surprise that Crossfire closely mimics the clean-cut stadia-rock of The Killers' recent output, and by that yardstick, it’s an assured addition to Flowers' repertoire, and one which will satisfy the fans' demands until the band proper return. [Paul Neeson]