Absent Elk - Sun And Water

Single Review by Ryan Drever | 21 May 2009
  • Absent Elk - Sun And Water
Single title: Sun And Water
Artist: Absent Elk
Label: Sony BMG
Release date: 17 May

Sun And Water - the first single from Girls Aloud's British-Norwegian touring buddies Absent Elk - starts out like your average run-of-the-mill James Blunt-esque radio rock number, with a bit of The Hoosiers and Starsailor thrown in for good (?) measure. When the chorus hits there is actually a rich, almost orchestral atmosphere that sounds like it's moving towards slightly more inspired territory. However, this possible saving grace does not last long, and the song eventually hits all the same spots already numbed by every possible gaudy, chart-topping predecessor. Though, as always, it will probably be huge.