Washington Irving – Little Wanderer, Head Thee Home EP

Album Review by Oisín Kealy | 30 Aug 2010
  • Washington Irving – Little Wanderer, Head Thee Home
Album title: Little Wanderer, Head Thee Home
Artist: Washington Irving
Label: Instinctive Raccoon
Release date: Out Now

With their debut EP, Washington Irving show a storytelling impetus similar to that of their namesake; considered lyrics paint a picture at the intersection between the past and the present.

While the way they cut through their jangly indie-pop with prominent flute might conjure the image of an alternate universe Belle and Sebastian, populated by satyrs and wood nymphs, they don’t let their lyrics go completely away with the fairies, as with this wry refrain on Sisi “Is it your nineteen inch waist or your husband that hates you?/ You should sleep around less, he might start liking you again”.

Dear Liza functions a bit like an inverted folk telling of Pencil Full of Lead, but resolves beautifully and teasingly; a very promising release.


Playing Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen on 17 Sep; Captain's Rest, glasgow on 19 Sep;