VLURE – Euphoria

VLURE embrace a more electronic sound on their debut EP Euphoria, and it presents an interesting new direction for the Glasgow-based five-piece

Album Review by Nadia Younes | 11 Jan 2022
  • VLURE – Euphoria
Album title: Euphoria
Artist: VLURE
Label: So Young Records
Release date: 14 Jan

Glasgow’s music scene has long been known for leaning into the theatrics, and unashamedly so. With the likes of Walt Disco, The Ninth Wave and Lucia & the Best Boys all offering their own unique takes on goth, glam-rock and post-punk, fellow Glasgow-based five-piece VLURE present a darker edge.

Having reinvented their sound over lockdown, VLURE really embrace their electronic influences on their debut EP Euphoria. The influence of coldwave and techno is evident on Show Me How to Live Again and Heartbeat, with their pulsing synths and thrashing drums, while frontman Hamish Hutcheson’s snarly vocals channel the spirit of The Prodigy’s Keith Flint.

The Storm and Euphoria showcase the band’s softer side, though, incorporating more classical instrumentation like strings and piano. Meanwhile, lead single I Won’t Run (From Love) is about as 80s-indebted as a track can come, with its glistening synths and wistful harmonies.

VLURE’s Euphoria EP is intense, menacing and, ironically, not particularly euphoric – or at least not in the traditional sense. But the EP presents an interesting new direction for VLURE, and it’s one that shows some very promising potential.

Listen to: Heartbeat, I Won’t Run (From Love)