The Xcerts – Wildheart Dreaming EP

Aberdeen's finest close their Hold on to Your Heart era with Wildheart Dreaming, a final collection of unheard and heartfelt tracks

Album Review by Dylan Tuck | 02 Apr 2019
  • The Xcerts – Wildheart Dreaming EP
Album title: Wildheart Dreaming EP
Artist: The Xcerts
Label: Raygun Records
Release date: 22 Mar

When The Xcerts look back on their history in years to come, they’ll view this particular period in especially good light. The group’s fourth album Hold on to Your Heart, released last year, was their most successful yet, dishing out feel-good belters like they've never done before. While that era prepares to come to a close, it's not without one final dose of eclectic unreleased tracks in the shape of their Wildheart Dreaming EP.

All of the songs featured on the record were written in the build-up to the band’s last album, and, although not making the final cut, are certainly worthy of being on that previous album. Often when artists release unheard tracks, it’s obvious to see why they don’t make the albums, perhaps lacking that little bit extra, but that’s not the case here – all four of these tracks would slot seamlessly onto HOTYH.

Lead single You Mean Everything is The Xcerts at their pure, refined best, as gentle melodies collapse into a cacophonous chorus, displaying their established ability to produce heartfelt tracks lined with gloriously memorable hooks. Ready to Call, with its bursting guitars and calling 'oh ohs', and Fight or Run, a stomping ‘scream your heart out’ emotional joyride, follow on in the same vein, orchestrating pop-rock anthems at the simple snap of a snare. Final track Real Love harks back to the bands recent acoustic EP Late One Night, as Murray Macleod’s voice is rustically joined by a solemn guitar on a charming, straight-up live recording.

What The Xcerts have done across the span of the HOTYH era is establish themselves as a real bright spark in the Scotland’s music scene, let alone its alternative one. Wildheart Dreaming cements that notion, and pays one final tribute to the band’s best moment of their career so far.

Listen to: You Mean Everything, Ready to Call