The Black Ramps - 'Saucer Crash' EP ((Str82Tape)

So unabashedly off-key they recall Daniel Johnston

Album Review by Andrew Monroe | 16 Apr 2006
Album title: 'Saucer Crash' EP
Artist: The Black Ramps
Label: (Str82Tape
It's been a few years since the White Stripes hit big, but there are still dozens of garage-rock combos out there who want to win your heart and damage your eardrums. Along with the requisite unadorned production and guitar fuzz, this week's colour-coded contestants, the Black Ramps, feature two vocalists so unabashedly off-key that they recall "outsider music" hero Daniel Johnston. What they lack, unfortunately, is the songwriting to match their sonics; all three of the songs featured here sound like the B-sides to better singles. The band provides lots of noise but forgets to include any memorable hooks or choruses. Maybe things will work out better on the full-length. [Andrew Monroe]

This EP is out now.