Teleman – Fünf

Teleman plumb the depths of electronica with Fünf in an experiment that has more than paid off

Album Review by Eugenie Johnson | 13 Nov 2017
  • Teleman – Fünf
Album title: Fünf EP
Artist: Teleman
Label: Moshi Moshi
Release date: 17 Nov

It’s only been a year since Teleman released their last album Brilliant Sanity, but on that record there was the sense that they were exploring the breadth of their sound, powered by their insatiable appetite for an earworm. So on their new EP Fünf they’re going all in, inspired by their desire to work with a different electronic producer on each song.

The five tracks here are therefore handled by a quintet of very different figures: Timothy J. Fairplay, Ghost Culture, Bullion, Oli Bayston and Moscoman. The result is a collection that not only firmly pushes the boundaries of what Teleman do but also presents five quite different, electronic-infused incarnations of the band.

Not that Teleman are completely unrecognisable on Fünf; there’s still a good dose of buoyant guitars, breezy rhythms and free-flowing lyrics from vocalist Thomas Sanders. Except this time, it’s all injected with a good dose of electronic elements, which move from eerie and ghostly on Spectre to cosmic swirls on Rivers in the Dark. Bone China Face provides the most euphoric moment, a simple drumroll heralding the onset of ecstatic synths that help propel the band to possibly their most dramatic high yet.

Only time will tell if Teleman continue to plumb the depths of electronica, but Fünf is an experiment that’s more than paid off.

Listen to: Bone China Face