Sleaford Mods – TCR EP

Album Review by Pete Wild | 03 Oct 2016
Album title: TCR EP
Artist: Sleaford Mods
Label: Rough Trade
Release date: 14 Oct

This is the grist, you know, for Mods frontman’s Jason Williamson’s mill. The first new Sleaford Mods music since 2015’s Key Markets couldn’t have landed at a more auspicious time: post-Brexit, unelected Prime Minister, rabid discord in the Labour Party, craziness in the US elections.

Lead track I Can Tell might well be the soundtrack to 2016 – for good and ill. Bus stops getting done over by c-bombs on roads that 1%ers know; Williamson doesn’t mess about, and Andrew Robert Lindsay Fearn’s menacing minimal sounds remain as compelling as ever. Every track is a winner, bizarre and hilarious and provocative. Sleaford Mods are the band The Fall used to be, and this is fierce stuff, a rude finger.

Whenever anyone you know bemoans the fact that no one seems to be writing music in reaction to the shitty world we live in, point them in the direction of the Mods. Fucking vital.

Listen to: I Can Tell